GIFTS FROM MY LOVELY FRIENDS  Yesterday I had an amazing birthday party :)) Generally I  was born on 22nd of January but I have to do party earlier because of Winter break and my Holiday in france;] Anyway the atmosphere was amazing and everything was great! It wasnt like sweet sixteen on mtv but this was even better;] !!!! My lovely friends gave me some fantastic gifts!!I hope you all like it! Ow and sorry for not writing such a long time but I really didn't have any opportunity to take a photos:) Please send a message here : http://www.blogroku.pl/kategorie/-b-fashionmeetings-b-,gwkkd,blog.html !
 1.Givenchy lipstick 12 SENSUAL ROSE (love love love <3 )
 2. Earrings W.KRUK (sooo beautiful!)
 3.Silver earrings and necklace
 4.  Modelki Vouge album -amazing for fashion addicted like me;p

 5. Music form "Przepis na życie"  nice!


  1. zazdroszczę takich pięknych prezentów! Szczególnie tej cudownej szminki!

  2. również dostałam tą książkę, tylko na Mikołajki. :)
    ciekawa lektura :)